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hot young skinny girl treated by the horny doctor with extensive vacuum treatment. Swollen nipples and protruding puffy labia. Moaning orgasm
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This is Slo Mo version of the slut BBW slave taking 25 lashes to the slavemeat\'s lower front fuck hole. This was shot by a high speed camera shooting 5 times the normal fps
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Part 1 of from the back wit my slim thang Freaky2Blakk
On lunch break and went over 2her house and went hard from the back
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Havaianas, Slim, flip flops, chanclas, masturbation, chinelo
Kayla The Hairstylist Blows Me In The Salon gonzomanadventures
Kayla was this super sexy and super busty hairstylist who had been cutting my hair for several months. She and I would always flirt, but of course (as with most hotties) she had a boyfriend on the side. So, late one night just before closing I stopped by to get a quick trim. Kayla and one other girl were the only ones at the salon. Kayla tells me that she found another girl\'s panties under the bed at his apartment and knows he\'s cheating on her. She says to me, \"I would love to get that fucker back.\" So, you know where this is going. I said, \"What better way to get him back than to cheat on him and show him the proof.\" At first she was lost by what I meant, then she caught on. The other girl left to go pick up her friend, so it was just Kayla and I alone at the salon. I said, \"Why don\'t you blow me on camera here in the salon and then email the clip to the fucker as ultimate payback.\" At first she was hesitant, but her hatred got the better of judgement b/c before I knew it she was on her knees sucking me off in the salon. I got the entire blowjob on video and took pics with my digital camera while she was sucking away. Imagine the look on that guy\'s face when he saw video and pics of his gf blowing me and taking a load on her face right at her workplace. Another classic