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Long Desperation & Wetting, Part 2 landtornado
More slow wetting, and then a final release on a towel (sorry you can\'t see it
Long Desperation & Wetting, Part 1 landtornado
Trying to hold it in, leaking, and playing with myself
Quickie landtornado
I think I had other plans for this video but in the end, I just really wanted to come
First Time Jeans Wetting landtornado
Really, really had to pee but held it for about as long as I could. I\'ve never held this long before and never peed in my jeans before. Maybe there will be more of these videos when I move into my own place in the fall
Back to Edging landtornado
This is the longest I\'ve edged in quite a while... (watching xtube videos on my tablet again during the filming. Sorry for the incredibly poor quality of this video, not sure what happened, unfortunately
Vibrator Fun landtornado
Playing with a vibrator that\'s nice and subtle - it only gets me off when I\'m already really turned on. First I play over my panties with my fingers and the end of my tablet stylus (I\'m watching porn on my tablet during the whole video). Then I take out the vibrator and take off the panties
I\'ve Lost My Edge landtornado
I\'ve been trying to make another long edging video but I\'m really out of practice, so this keeps happening instead
Edging Fail landtornado
I was going to record myself edging for a nice long time, but I got all excited the first time I got close and... well, I just let it happen. It still felt amazing, though
Intense Vibrator Orgasm landtornado
Got this new toy a while ago :) Usually I use it over my clothes because it\'s so powerful, but I figured that would be a boring video. The beginning of this is a bit slow, but I have a pretty massive orgasm at the end. You can\'t quite tell, but I was flailing all over my bed from it
Edging, Teasing, Denial, Delay, and Orgasm landtornado
Just me edging and edging and edging for a while. I had to cut out a few seconds in the middle when I adjusted the camera angle and accidentally showed my face. Also something really unfortunate happened to the lighting when I did that, so sorry for the darkened ending. Hopefully you still enjoy it :D because I certainly did
Clothing Tease landtornado
This was supposed to be a two-part video, with edging and orgasm in the second half, but my computer malfunctioned while that was recording, so this is all there is. I figured I would post it since it\'s been a long time. It\'s basically me in a skirt and undies, teasing myself until I finally get down to business
Quiet Contractions landtornado
I had to be quiet because my roommate was home, but I wanted to film to pulsations that feel so amazing when I\'m coming. Hope you can see them! Sorry for the bad quality/all the hair
Vibrator Ecstacsy landtornado
Playing with my vibrator... it got kind of intense
Teasing and Coming landtornado
I teased myself for a few minutes before I let myself come. It felt amazing, as you could probably guess from all the noise
Trying to Edge Again landtornado
I edged myself a few times before I started filming and then tired to make a video of it. I pushed myself a bit too far the second time I edged and ended up just going for the orgasm. Oh well, it was obviously worth it. Sorry for the bad quality
Edging, Vibrator, and Orgasm landtornado
I edged myself a little before starting this video, then got REALLY close to orgasm while filming and had to cool way down. I broke out my Wahl vibrator and edged with that for a little, then went back to my fingers. It\'s a bit longer than I though it would be, but it took a while to get myself going with my fingers after the vibrator, but the result was WELL worth the time and effort. Hope you enjoy
First Video - Lady Orgasm landtornado
Decided to make a video... of me playing with my clit until I come. Sorry I haven\'t shaved in a while
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